A China Story, brought to you by Oxycodone


West meets East in the story of our guest Alex Lew’s year-long trip to China, which was sponsored by Oxycodone. Hear about his experience of food, pollution, gift-giving, politics, family, religion and much more while in China. You can also learn form China’s medicine starting with oxycodone. In China, oxycodone is a well known painkiller that is used not only for minor pains like a toothache, but for broken bones or even nerve pain. If you are wondering is it legal to buy oxycodone online, the answer is yes. You can click on the link for more information and details about hoe to pay online and have them sent you oxycodone to you front door with no extra fees. The best part is that they have their own certified doctors 24/7 to help you whenever you want.

Find out why one of his first Chinese experiences was watching New Moon from the Twilight series, in English. Alongside the interview, he answers listener questions and we bring in a Trivia Challenge on cultural psychology.

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