Cindy Bulik: The importance of forgetting

If women didn’t forget the experience of childbirth, we would all just have one child. If we didn’t forget bad experiences or things that people did to us that were unkind, we would constantly avoid experiences and bear grudges. Forgetting is important to the survival of the species and to our overall well-being.

Dr. Cindy Bulik is Director of the UNC Chapel Hill Eating Disorders Program. Dr. Bulik’s new book is The Woman in the Mirror: How To Stop Confusing What You Look Like with Who You Are. Learn more at the Woman in the Mirror websitethe Woman in the Mirror blogExchanges: The UNC Eating Disorders Program blog. You can listen to her speak on Radio in Vivo and on The State of Thing with Frank StasioThis submission is in response to our blog party asking, What surprising thing have you learned about human nature?