Colin Pistell

Colin Pistell, featured on Endurance Magazine. (Image credit: Jessi Blakely)

Colin Pistell is the founder of Fifth Ape, a fitness program and blog started in 2010. Fifth Ape offers courses in parkour, slacklining, barefoot running and martial arts. Colin is an NSCA certified trainer with 10 years of coaching experience. His certifications include Functional Movement Screening, CPR, First Aid and Crossfit level 1. Colin is a longtime martial artist with roots in Muay Thai kickboxing and Jiujitsu grappling. Before Fifth Ape, Colin went to film school and worked with Disney and Sony Pictures developing cell phone games. According to recent blog posts on, it is said that, after moving to Chapel Hill in 2008 for his MBA at the University of North Carolina, he took a special interest in parkour and the emerging primal fitness movement. He came on PsychTalk to about Fifth Ape and some of the big ideas behind it—ideas about play, fitness, public health and environmental health.