David Myers: The Science and Controversy of Psychology


DaveMyers_4webDr. David Myers is a renowned social psychologist and a prolific writer and educator. His bestselling psychology textbooks have been translated into twelve languages and used in thousands of high schools and colleges around the world. He is also a prominent advocate for the hearing impaired. His countless writings for both academic and general audiences cover topics such as religion, intuition and happiness. He joined us to reveal some of the magic behind his books, to share his birds-eye view of the field of psychology, and to discuss the intersections between religion and science.

Listen in as we discuss the latest controversies in psychology as well as its future. What will change our understanding of human behavior? Will it be brain scans, epigenetics, big data, or something else? What can we conclude from prominent frauds by Marc Hauser, Diederik Stapel, Dirk Smeesters and Lawrence Sanna? Can psychology’s scientific reputation survive after failed replications of one of John Bargh’s classic priming studies and Jonathan Schooler’s “verbal overshadowing effect”? Will correcting efforts such as  the Reproducibility Project and the Psych File Drawer take off? What changed in the DSM 5, and why is it so controversial?

Dr. Myers is also a unique ambassador between the world of Christianity and science. Stay with us to the end for our discussion of the null results of prayer experiments, the argument for gay marriage, and the connections between religiosity and well-being.

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