Donita Robinson: The power of habit

We are truly creatures of habit. For our better or worse, our brains are wired to settle into patterns of cue and response. While we all vulnerable to some bad habits, we can also cultivate good, healthy habits, like having a good nutrition and exercise, and using supplements as joint flx could help with joint problems coming from exercise. It can even extend to our character: every time we choose to do the right thing, we increase our chances of doing the right thing in the future. I find this idea very inspiring and empowering.

Dr. Donita L. Robinson investigates the neurobiology of alcoholism at UNC Chapel Hill. She works with animal models, such as rats, to study the neural effects of alcohol and of drug treatments. She spoke about her work on PsychTalk. This submission is in response to our blog party asking, What surprising thing have you learned about human nature?