Erin Clabough

Erin Clabough is a neuroscientist, science writer, and teacher based at the University of Virginia, which is where she received her doctorate in neuroscience and molecular genetics. As a graduate student she researched Huntington’s, a neurodegenerative disease. Now she works in a lab studying damage to the eye due to diabetes. Separately, she has taught neuroscience courses for gifted high school students in the Duke TIP program. And in her ten years of medical writing, she has covered topics ranging from allergies to cancer to botox.

  • Stan Mcbingley

    I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy listening to Dr. Clabo. Rarely have I heard a scientist with an advance degree speak in a way that could resonate and be easily understood by the general public. That in itself is a skill that scientist generally lack, yet sorely need. An excellent interviewee. Thanks.

    • Jose Drost-Lopez

      Thanks for listening! Dr. Clabough also made some recommendations for future speakers so there are good things to come.