Felipe De Brigard

Memory, consciousness, and free will

Dr. Felipe De Brigard recently received his PhD in philosophy from UNC Chapel Hill, where he also conducted research at the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Lab of Dr. Kelly Giovanello. He is starting postdoctorate work at the Schacter Memory Lab at Harvard, so we were lucky on PsychTalk to catch him before he left.  Dr. De Brigard received his BA in Philosophy at the National University of Colombia and he has MAs in philosophy from Tufts Univeristy and UNC Chapel Hill. He works in philosophy of mind with an emphasis in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. His research focuses on the nature of memory and its relations to other cognitive faculties, in particular perception, imagination, attention and consciousness. He is also interested in philosophy of neuroscience. He has cowritten a Spanish book entitled “Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology” (Neuropsicología Clínica y Cognoscitiva). His research papers, book chapters, and commentaries in English and Spanish have appeared in many publications, including the Journal of Consciousness Studies and the journal Philosophical Psychology.