Improv and Spirituality with Anoo Brod


Learn about the power of improv and its connections to mindfulness and spirituality in this fun-packed conversation with Anoo Tree Brod. Anoo has performed improv with Transactors since joining in 1997. Transactors is the longest running active improvisational company in the South. Anoo has also taught improv to people of all ages at businesses, schools and arts centers across the Southeast. She has experimented with film and traditional theater, including performing in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011. Aside from improv and acting, she is a spiritual counselor and intuitive. Join us to hear some great stories, some insight into spirituality, and musings such as this one: “For somebody who talks to God and angels, I love swearing!”

Download the podcast here.

By popular demand, Anoo came back for a Round Two that further explores her insights. She also offered an intuitive life-path reading to listeners, and despite technical issues we welcomed on a couple callers. Listen here:

Download the second interview here.