Katie Kelm and Vicki Chanon

Addiction research at the Cognition and Addiction Biopsychology Lab

Katie Kelm graduated from Purdue University majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences and went on to earn her Ph.D in Pharmacology at UNC Chapel Hill. For her dissertation project, she used in vitro electrophysiology techniques in rodents, which fostered her appreciation for what can be learned from recording neural activity in the brain. Her research interests at CABlab are centered on investigating why individuals suffering from addiction show more “immediate reward bias.” Her work has been published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics as well as in the journal Neuropharmacology. Katie has won various awards for her work, including a research recognition award from the RSA and a fellowship from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Vicki Chanon got her Ph.D in Psychology from UNC Chapel Hill after graduating from University of Delaware with a BA in Psychology. Her graduate work with Dr. Joseph Hopfinger explored the role of familiar stimuli in attentional allocation, which led her to take an interest in the cognitive factors related to addiction. In her work at CABLAB, she hopes to illuminate the neurobiological mechanisms associated with attentional biases related to addiction. Her most recent publication in the journal Psychopharmacology was about how active smokers are drawn to cigarette cues. Just last year she received a prestigious fellowship from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.