Love Odyssey: Keeping marriages afloat on a boat


Marriage counseling meets boating vacation: gimmick or dopamine delivery system? That’s the question of the hour in our conversation with Dr. Bryce Kaye and Helen Kaye. Since founding Love Odyssey Charters in 2010, they have taken couples on week-long yacht trips on the rivers and sounds of North Carolina. Dr. Bryce Kaye is a psychotherapist practicing in Cary and New Bern, North Carolina. He is also the author of The Marriage First Aid Kit and an upcoming book titled When Love and Anger Got Married. Helen Kaye is a speech pathologist is practicing in Cary. Bryce and Helen are married.

Join us as we learn how and why marriage counseling retreats work on a boat trip, what past participants have to say, and how the Kayes’ cute four-pound dog adds to the experience.

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