Psychedelia: Research and Advocacy at MAPS


Psychedelic drugs and marijuana get a bad rap and deserve serious research, says Brad Burge of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Join us in exploring why these drugs have picked up stigma and what research is revealing about them. Along the way we cover “the most dangerous man in America,the failure of DARE and what Steve Jobs thinks about all this. For further reading, check out the books in the MAPS store. We leave you with some wise words from Brad:

It’s been far easier to initiate our research on MDMA and LSD than on medical marijuana Toronto, which is fairly ironic because of the difference in the numbers of people who report using these substances.

If you are paying attention, it is awfully hard to confuse a placebo with the real thing. If someone has received a psychedelic, it is usually fairly obvious. In our first trial, we did use a placebo…What we’re doing now…is using an active placebo–a much lower dose, enough to cause minor effects to confuse the
researcher and subject.

After my own experience with psychedelics early on, I found that I no longer needed the prescription pharmaceuticals that had been given to me since I was very young. I was very fortunate to do it in a very safe context with a lot of support of friends and family who knew the effects and risks of the substance. MAPs is about developing the contexts where the drugs can be used safely.

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