Psychic History: Sally Rhine Feather


Sally Rhine Feather

Dr. Sally Rhine Feather is the Executive Director Emeritus at the Rhine Research Center. She carries on the legacy of her parents, J.B. and Louisa Rhine, who launched the experimental study of parapsychology (a.k.a., the paranormal, psi, etc.) in the 1930s. She is an experimental and clinical psychologist and she cowrote a 2005 book called The Gift: ESP, the Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People.  This video gives a glimpse of the Rhine legacy.

She’s spoken and written so much about parapsychology that on PsychTalk we took a fresh tack, exploring her childhood, family, and personal life. Hear her inside scoop on the life and times of the Rhines–listen here.

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    Thank you for this interview. It is nice to fill in the gaps!



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