blood001Are psychopaths more like Hannibal Lecter or Dexter Morgan? How likely is it that your boss is really a psychopath? Find your answers in this in-depth discussion with Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, an experimental philosopher at Duke University and an expert on psychopaths.

Here are some more detailed questions we answer. No spoilers this time – you have to listen!

  • What is a psychopath, scientifically speaking? Is a sociopath the same thing? How many are out there, and how many popular depictions are accurate?
  • Is it possible to detect psychopaths without testing them?
  • What causes psychopaths – is it more nature or nurture?
  • If psychopaths are emotion-blind, when are they morally and legally responsible for doing bad things? How can they best be treated?
  • How many different types of felonies do you need to have committed to be a psychopath?

Download the podcast here.

  • Janus Kannuberg

    Thank you, this interview was very interesting and I’m impressed by how skilled the interviewer was. Chilling to hear that psychopaths are more likely to get parole than others.

  • Spoxlover

    Brett Gyllenskog for example,

  • Deadmarye

    So…it has “been proven” that Serial Killer aren’t born serial killer but psychopath are. Am I missing something ?