Quantified Self


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Quantified Self is a movement of people tracking and quantifying their own lives. They often know the answers to questions such as, What is your current heart rate? Average amount of REM sleep? How many steps did you take today? How many minutes did you spend on Facebook? On this episode, we talk to a self-quantifier who is a local leader of the movement.

George Saines is Project Manager at Caktus Consulting Group, which builds websites. Right out of college he created a web startup called Skritter, which helps students of Chinese and Japanese better remember their characters. Aside from his work as a web developer and graphic designer, he blogs about startups, self quantification and internet culture at GeorgeSaines.com. He heads the Quantified Self meetup in the Research Triangle Area. Join our conversation to learn how to track yourself and why it is worth it.

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  • Kara

    You two did an amazing job with this discussion. Loved it!