Schizophrenia Treatment, Drugs and Community Mental Health


Tour the history of antipsychotics, learn how they are combined with therapy in schizophrenia treatment and find out how public services can bring treatment options together. Here to explain all this is Dr. Brian Sheitman of UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine and Community Care of North Carolina.

For all our colorful pictures of neurons, we know awfully little about what neurons are saying to each other when things go wrong.

Among our questions: have psychiatric drugs gotten any better since the 50s? Are job training, artistic outlets and community-building “extras” or essential recovery steps? Dr. Sheitman says of the brain that “finding the ‘lesion’ for schizophrenia has not panned out and it’s not clear where the pathology is.” On drugs, he notes with a laugh that “if you found a new drug that had the rate of placebo response, it would be a billion dollar seller.” Listen in to find out more!