The psychology of online games

*Guest submission

There are many reasons why people like to play online games and here are just a few prominent aspects that keep players interested. One of the biggest draws to online gaming, and all games in general, has to be adrenaline. The way it makes a player feel when they are fully immersed in play is very exciting. It can get your blood pumping and make you feel ready to face anything. This is a feeling that most people want to repeat once they have had it. It provides a burst of energetic and intellectual stimulation, which is one of the reasons why online games are so popular.

Another thing that really attracts people to online gaming is the rewards that they receive when they are successful. Sometimes this is monetary, like with sites such as Partypoker, and at other times it is simply fictional gold or other prizes. Whatever the reward, the feeling of pride and accomplishment that a player experiences when they are successful is great. That is what makes hours of play well worth the effort and time put in, as well as what makes the ending truly exciting and filled with suspense.

While a person is playing an online game, or any other game for that matter, they can learn valuable things. They are constantly acquiring knowledge that will be useful to them at later stages of the game and that they can retain forever. The more a player learns, the more they are able to improve their playing skills and thus the better they can do at the game. So learning is a very valuable aspect to gaming.

Above all, most online games are simply entertaining to play and there is some awesome gear for gamers. They are fun and exciting and therefore many people see them as a good way of spending much of their free time.