What are Teens Thinking?


Why do teenagers do stupid things? What makes their brains different from those of children or adults? And how can parents and the rest of society help teenagers develop into healthy adults? Our two expert guests, Dr. Scott Swartzwelder and Dr. Aaron White, joined us to discuss these topics from their latest book, What Are They Thinking?! The Straight Facts about the Risk-Taking, Social-Networking, Still-Developing Teen BrainListen in to learn how teenagers in a sense “use more” of their brains than adults, how parents can use teachable moments to talk about sex, and how alcohol is often more dangerous than it seems. Give it a listen!

Download the podcast here.

Dr. Scott Swartzwelder is a neuropsychologist at Duke University who studies how alcohol and other drugs interact with the brain, particularly in adolescence. He has published over 130 scientific papers, written four books for a general audience including Buzzed, and trained more than 50 scientists and clinicians.

Dr. Aaron White is a biological psychologist focused on the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the adolescent brain, as well as on adolescent substance abuse treatment and prevention initiatives. He is part of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), where he oversees publicly funded studies on college and underage drinking prevention.

Both Dr. Swartzwelder and Dr. White are prolific lecturers and educators, and they worked together to create AlcoholEdu, an online alcohol education course that has been completed by more than 2 million students.