You Turn: Dr. Nancy Irwin on Midlife Awakenings


We get stuck on our age, people’s expectations, and restrictive labels, but if we throw off those shackles, our possibilities in life are rich. Our guest, Dr. Nancy Irwin, experienced career and identity change first hand when she left being a singer and comedian to become a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotist. She joined us to discuss the stories of personal empowerment and the advice in her book, You Turn: Changing Direction in Midlife. Over 40 Stories From People Over 40. As Dr. Irwin explains, sometimes life throws change at you, and sometimes it is up to you to initiate it, but we always have opportunities for rediscovery. Hear what it is like to forge a new life after being an “addict,” “monk,” or even “sex offender,” and find out how hypnotherapy works. There is a special bonus at the end! Download the podcast here.